University Union - Nikola Tesla started as University Union. Among the founders of the University Union are three faculties included in the University Union – Nikola Tesla and those are: Faculty of Construction Management, Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Faculty of Real-Estate Management. Soon after that, the Environmental Engineering College joined the University. At the very beginning, apart from the listed faculties there were also two more faculties: Faculty of Industrial Management and Faculty of Design. Several other faculties joined the faculties – founders and they were regarded full membership faculties until they performed certain activities toward creating new policies to be applied to the working principles of the University. Majority shareholder disagreed with the proposed policy and this situation turned it be a democratic minority. Thus, in March 2010 the Senate of the University Union made a decision to exclude the Faculty of Construction Management, the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and the Faculty of Real-Estate Management. As for the Environmental Engineering College, the Senate had never regarded it to be a member of the University.

These activities performed by most members of the University Union led to a new decision made by the Company Graditelj Inzenjering, the founder of the University Union: a completely new university is to be founded. The new university was named Union – Nikola Tesla. After applying for the accreditation license, the Ministry of Education and Science issued the Certificate of Accreditation on September 29, 2011, license number 612-00-01339/2011-04, which is the work permit for the integrated University UNION Nikola Tesla.


University UNION Nikola Tesla consists of the following faculties:

Faculty of Civil engineering management

Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Protection

Faculty of Entrepreneurial business and Real estate management

Faculty of Security and International politics

Faculty of Informatics

Faculty of Economy and Finance