Graditelj inzenjering is the company that deals with investment, construction, supervision, engineering and design of residential and other structures. It offers a wide range of services including construction management and design-build services applied to the buildings of construction engineering for both foreign and domestic trade.


The company Graditelj – inzenjering was founded on April 16, 1968. Prof.Dr Slavko Božilović was appointed General Manager. Today, Prof. Dr Slavko Bozilovic is the president of the assembly of the company.


The company provides general construction, full ‘turnkey’ project management and design building solutions included in the construction of residential buildings and business facilities in the field of foreign and domestic trade. The last forty years presents extensive lists of completed projects and proved quality. Its respectable reputation is based on meeting deadlines successfully and fulfilling all the requirements and contractual obligations while cooperating with business partners and clients. The achieved results represents direct effects of the company’s professional business rules and continual improvements in the field of staff, equipment, tools, machine park and etc.


Special attention is paid to constant monitoring and application of the latest materials, equipment and technologies, through all the stages of design to the construction of buildings. This approach has led to a large number of successfully realized reconstruction and construction projects.


General manager of the company Graditelj – inženjering is Zvonimir Božilović, Master of Science in Civil Engineering.




The company Graditelj – inženjering founded the Faculty of Construction Management in 2001. It was the first private (and still the only one) faculty in this field. Ever since 2003 there has been a valuable cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture from Varna. Also, the company is the founder of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and the Faculty of Real-Estate Management (founded in 2005). The Environmental Engineering College was founded a year later (2006). The Faculty of Construction Management is one of the founders of University Union Nikola Tesla. The University consists of 5 accredited private faculties.